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About Us | NorthWest Psychic Fairs - Seattle, WA

At NorthWest Psychic Fairs, we organize Monthly Psychic Fairs where we offer a range of psychic services to the Seattle, WA community. Our psychic gatherings are vibrant places of activity and enlightenment, where visitors can get to see firsthand the powers of a trained and masterful psychic.

The Monthly Psychic Fairs feature many kinds of professional Psychic Readers, Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Palm and Medical Intuitives to help you with your health questions. Tarot Card Readings, a popular brand of psychic clairvoyance, where our psychics will use their abilities to decipher your fate. People turn to Tarot and Psychic readings not just for tips and premonitions, but to unearth deep truths and secrets about their lives, including things like:

• Where we come from
• Where we are going
• Why we are here

Psychic Readings can help you find answers to these questions, or, at the very least, put you on the path towards solving them.

A Psychic is much more than just a fortune-teller, and such an impression is offensive to many psychics. A Psychic can be your counselor, your Guide, and your Advisor. As your Spiritual psychic guide, a Psychic can help you unlock troubling memories and remove psychological obstacles that you may not even be aware of but that are holding you back from becoming the person you want to be.

At NorthWest Psychic Fairs, we feel fortunate to give residents of the Seattle, WA area access to the Life Counseling a psychic can offer. To take advantage of our wonderful array of psychic services, attend one of our Monthly Psychic Fairs. Your spiritual salvation awaits, so do not delay!

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