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Tarot, Psychic and Pendulum Readings can be undeniably insightful and unerringly accurate. The predictive aspects of Readings are well known. A lesser known but equally important feature of Psychic Readings is the amount of mental and spiritual healing it is able to impart. Readings are not limited to giving you signs, clues, and forewarnings about your future. A good Psychic is able to use these signs and premonitions to guide and counsel you so that you are better equipped to deal with the challenges in your life.

At the NorthWest Psychic Fairs, you will have the opportunity to get tarot readings in Seattle, WA from a Master Psychic. Our Psychics have won enormous praise for their accuracy, consistency, and unerring prescience, and have helped counsel clients through their most difficult moments. It is easy to be misled by a psychic unable to effectively interpret the messages revealed by the cards.

The Readings at the NorthWest Psychic Fairs are the most trustworthy and reliable in the region, and we guarantee you will leave satisfied.

The format of our tarot readings comes across as consultations, aimed towards helping you put into action what we learn from the cards. The reading is comparable to a road map or a weather report, outlining a course of action to follow that is most suited to your Spiritual fulfillment and salvation. All Readers recognize the concept of Free Will in all of us and try to help us make better decisions by giving us some insight and advance warning about what is headed our way.

During the Reading, you may ask questions about your Past-lives, Finances, Love life, or important decisions that you need to make. The Reading will provide insight into these matters as the Psychic asks your Spirit Guides to bring you help, support, and guidance.

If you are interested in a Reading, Physical or Emotional Healing or a Clearing come down to one of the psychic fairs organized by the NorthWest Psychic Fairs.

You will be in the safe hands of our psychics, who guarantee a breakthrough or revelation of some kind.

For info of any kind call Lori at (425) 562-4777. Maps and Dates can always be found on www.nwpsychicfairs.com

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